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Frequently Asked Questions about Big Five's Gift Registry

What is the purpose of our Big Five Gift Registry?

The Big Five Gift Registry is similar to a traditional gift registry you might encounter at a fine department store or boutique shop. However, instead of registering for fine linens or household items, you will be registering your customized luxury travel experience with Big Five Tours & Expeditions. This could be to celebrate a wedding - your honeymoon! - birthday, anniversary, retirement, reunion or any other important event.

Is there any fee associated to create a Big Five Gift Registry?

No, it does not cost you anything to use Big Five's Registry service! And, unlike other travel companies, there is no fee whatsoever passed on to the gift giver either! You and your guests will have the benefit of experiencing and contributing to your special occasion's vacation travel with no hidden costs or fees.

How may I register?

Simply click the "Register Your Journey" icon and you will be linked to a simple form requesting details about you, the special occasion you are celebrating and your Big Five customized travel experience. You can even attach an image - perhaps a special picture - that will display exclusively on your Gift Registry site. Once registered, you will also have the option of notifying your friends and family of your new Big Five Gift Registry by Email.

How do I notify my Friends and Family of my Big Five Gift Registry?

You can notify your friends and family of your new Big Five Gift Registry via this Web site's notification tools. You may create a custom Email inviting them to view your gift registry and it will be sent to all with a simple click!

How may I see if any gifts have been purchased?

At any time you can log into your account by clicking on the Registered Users button where you can see a summary page under View Contributions showing all gift contributions that have been purchased to date. The contributor's name the date of purchase, the amount of purchase will be available for you to view. Your contributors will receive a gift certificate in the mail that they will hand to at your special occasion.

How long will my Big Five Gift Registry remain active?

Friends and family can contribute towards your vacation travel plans starting the day you first set up your Gift Registry, all the way up until final payment is due. Please note that full-payment for your travel plans are generally due 60 - 90 days prior to departure and contributions are possible until this point only. If your contributions end up paying off your complete tour balance before the due date, you will have a notification under the view contributions section. Contributors after this point will also be notified that you have this gift already. This way, we ensure that there are no excess contributions to your account.

Is it safe to give a gift with a credit card?

Using a major credit card for a contribution toward your Big Five Gift Registry is completely safe and secure. All credit card information we receive is protected by SSL encryption used by the majority of e-commerce websites and online banking sites. For if your contributors feel more comfortable paying by check, they have that option, and they may also use Pay Pal if they are a member already. Adding another level of security, Big Five does not store credit card numbers in our online database.

What happens if the Gift Registry recipient cancels their vacation plans?

In the event the traveler chooses to cancel their Big Five travel experience, all on-line travel gifts contributed and given against their program will NOT be refundable to the gift giver. If cancellation occurs outside of the cancellation period, any remaining funds will be credited to the traveler or travelers. If the travel program is cancelled within Big Five's cancellation penalty period (as defined by each destination), then the applicable cancellation rules and clauses will apply.

What happens to our personal information?

See our Privacy Statement