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Wedding Ideas - Go Green for Your Wedding

Consider this wedding idea to be a little different: Trade your white wedding in for one a little more green. Keep the dress, the flowers, the exotic location, but save the planet while you're at it. Brides.com estimated, last year, that 33% of future brides and grooms in the United States are planning a more eco-friendly wedding. There are a few very easy, undemanding steps you and your partner can take to achieve a Green Wedding, without having to nix tradition.

Invitations - Send invitations electronically or on recycled paper stock. The perk of the former-you'll save on postage.

Wedding Gifts - If you're not that in need of anything in particular, just option guests to donate to your favorite charity.

The Honeymoon - Swap out a traditional honeymoon for an exotic honeymoon. By doing this, you will be supporting that country's tourism industry and, in turn, feeding their conservation efforts.

Flowers - Go organic, or the way of gorgeous dried or silk arrangements.

The Location - Have your actual wedding closer to home. This will limit the distance your loved ones will have to travel and, as a result, reduce any unnecessary fuel emissions.
Food Again, go organic.

Don't treat your guests to hormone or pesticide enriched foods but, instead, something a little healthier.

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